Welcome to IWalComm!

A College course work was just an excuse to begin a long-time idea. A Waldorf mother/ex-secretary/educator/passionate-learner/curious human being who is now a Communication student gave her first step in the bloggosfera. This virtual space that makes contact between Waldorf schools from anywhere in the globe more accessible is a dream coming true in baby steps.

My path in Waldorf education started in 2015. I worked in two Waldorf initiatives, and now I am a Parent Council participant. That is why I know how hard it is to find effective communication methods to deal with the three instances of a Waldorf school. Making faculty (pedagogical), secretaries and association (administrative), and the parents (fraternal) talk the same language is a daily challenge in our schools. Therefore, the opportunity to choose a subject to write about in my Digital Media class made me develop IWalComm.

In this initial phase, we will develop a blog about communication and organizational topics. All the ideas, experiences, and tips are welcome to be shared. Any member of any Waldorf school that speaks any language is invited to add information to this international community. Virtual translators are there to help us. Furthermore, in this broad community, language knowledge is vast, and the number of people available to aid is enormous.

The idea is not to replace face-to-face communication, but shorten the distances that cannot be otherwise diminished. Moreover, establishing strong bonds among different schools helps to create opportunities for real meetings.

My dream is just beginning, and you are invited to build it into reality with me. Please, register yourself to become a member. When you subscribe you are be able to comment on our Blog and our Forum. You can receive weekly emails about our new posts and discussions, only if you want to.

Any doubts, wishes, tips, or simply needing someone to talk about education and its daily strugles: write to me! I would love to hear from you. And I hope we can walk and learn together even from distant places on paths our modern lives allow us to.

Love and gratitude,


Juliana Troll Trujillo

IWalComm creator