IWalComm stands for International Waldorf Community´s Communication.

It´s a virtual space where all sorts of subjects inside Waldorf Education can be discussed and enlightened.

Teachers, parents, supporters, and students who are part of any Waldorf Community around the globe are invited to bring new ideas, exchange experiences, and ask questions.

Our goal is to provide a free and respectful environment for all of us. Together we can learn more about Rudolf Steiner´s educational method and every aspect related to this community living. Moreover, this site is made to develop our talents, qualities and communication skills as individuals and community.

This is IWalComm. We are IWalComm.

Juliana Troll Trujillo

IWalComm creator

The Creator

Her daughters call her Mom; her husband, Love; her friends and family, Ju; and her documents, Juliana Troll Trujillo.

Her relationship with Waldorf education and Anthroposophy started in 2015 and passed through two kindergartens, and now is in a school. As secretary, educator and parent, her life inside the school environment was and still is a wonderful daily discover.

Now, her intention is to communicate with other individuals and communities that also desire to build a better World through deeper connections.