Improving multi-language communication: How to understand and make yourself understood all around the Internet World.

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.”

Rollo May

In a World each day more interconnected, sometimes communication can become a problem instead of a solution. In front of a screen dealing with words, understand the feelings and intentions behind them is a difficult job, if not to say impossible. That´s because written letters don´t have tone, intensity or mood. Even an all-capitalized sentence with overwhelming punctuation may be a mad scream or an enthusiastic celebration, as in the following example:


Hard to tell, right? It all depends on the context, but sometimes not even understanding the whole idea can avoid different readers to read it in different ways.

So, it is essential to be careful with everything we write online. On IWalComm, we prioritize proper communication and incentivize our readers-users-members-supporters-friends to use the same methods in all their social media writings.

To develop a respectful environment that encourages a healthy sharing of ideas, experiences and knowledge, we motivate you to follow this simple guide.


Find the best path, find the best words, find the best way.

Before you write pass your words to the triple-filters test of Socrates (the whole story may be read here):

  • A. Is it TRUTH? Do I have the references for the study? Did I live it myself to pass on a reliable description of what happened, or it was only something that someone told me?) 
  • B. Is it KIND? – What I am writing is good? Is it hurt someone in some way? Would I like someone to talk about me or something I did?
  • C. Is it NECESSARY? What I am about to post is really needed on this page or is it just one more comment that adds nothing to the discussion? Will it be useful for someone?

After you positively check three filters, it is time to review the language.

  • A. What dialect will I be writing? As we come from different places, please begin your post with your language and country between brackets. If it is not in English and you are not a fluent speaker of English, open a translator as Google Translator and copy the translation beside the text in your language. If you have enough knowledge in English, you may translate your post directly.
  • B. To avoid mistranslations and misunderstandings, don´t use idioms and prevent figures of speech. These language resources make writing more vivid. However, they usually are specific from each culture and translating them word-by-word not always makes sense. So, instead of saying that it is raining cats and dogs, just tell that it was a rainy day. Or, if you want to describe something using a metaphor or simile, remember to use universal ideas instead of local references. If you say that a child was peculiar as a blanket flower may be hard for people who never saw one of these flowers understand what you meant. But if you just say that this child was a rare flower, your meaning became more visible. So try to be simple, clean, and direct.
  • C. Sign your post to identify yourself. Please, write your name, school (if applicable), and City.

So, your post should be formatted like this:

[Language – Country]
Your text.

English translation.

Name, School, City

As in the following example:

[Português – Brasil]
Eu gostaria de saber em que escolas vocês trabalham ou tem seus filhos matriculados.

I would like to know in which school you work or have your offspring enrolled.

Juliana Troll Trujillo, Jasmim Estrela Jardim de Infância, São Carlos.

Or if you are writing in ENGLISH ONLY:

[Language – Country]
Your text.

Name, School, City

As in the example:

[English – Canada]
I would like to know in which school you work or have your offspring enrolled.

Juliana Troll Trujillo, Lakeside School, Kelowna

It may seem a lot, but all of us need to try our best to make ourselves understood and answer appropriately.

  • A. Select your whole message and copy (Ctrl+C) to guarantee that you have it in case something goes wrong. Click on the SEND button and wait for confirmation.
  •  B. In case you don´t receive your confirmation, come back to the page you were, paste your text again (Ctrl+V) and click on the SEND button one more time.
  • C. If it doesn´t work, please email us on, telling which page is having problems and copy the comment you weren´t able to post. We will try to fix it as soon as possible, and we will let you know.


Just follow the lead and you will get there!

So, to summarize the process:

  • 1. Think before writing: is it truth, kind and necessary?
  • 2. Write your language and country in the beginning.
  • 3. Write your text in your language.
  • 4. If it is not English, translate it to English (you may use an online translator) and copy below your original text.
  • 5. Sign your Name, School and the City you live.
  • 6. Don´t forget to click on the SEND button and check if you receive the confirmation.

Any questions, problems or difficulties in any part of this process, please contact us at

Love and Gratitude,

Juliana Troll Trujillo

IWalComm creator