It´s time to celebrate!

Almost everybody involved in a Waldorf community already knows that in 2019 we are celebrating the Centennial of Waldorf Education.

(If you wanna know more about the beginning of this beautiful and challenging history, click in this link)

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Waldorf 100 is the name given to the series of events that schools all over the world are planning to celebrate this important date when the first Waldorf School began.

To improve the environment by promoting bees reproduction, create artistical productions as musical compositions and drama projects, incentive body movements with a World-Wide Marathon, share knowledge in an International congress and exchange postcards among the 1182 schools and some of the 1911 kindergartens (numbers registered until April 2019) are only the main international activities scheduled. There are many other initiatives inside each school, accordingly with their on reality and possibilities.

And all these actions run around the theme of this festivity.

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It couldn´t be different, right? We could even say that this is the first educational principle inside Rudolf Steiner schools. Since early childhood, respect to the self, the other, and the environment generated by pedagogical bases are developed by emotional intelligence before the intellectual one.

Children learn the good around them that allows hope to grow within, the beauty in everything that cultivates creativity, and the truth that shows them what needs to be changed. In all these years, they learn how to learn and it is the most important lesson they can take to their lives. They feel capable and confident in any path they choose to go.

Paths to celebration

Doesn´t matter where in the globe you are, or what is the size of your school, or how it is formatted, you are invited to join thousands of people at this birthday party that will last for more than a year (Yey!).

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If you still didn´t saw all the wonderful Waldorf 100 videos made to show the world what Waldorf education is in different countries, cultures and realities, I recommend you to watch them with tissue paper. It is impossible not to get emotional even if you are not part of a Waldorf school (yet).

Waldorf 100 – Film
Waldorf 100- Film Part 2
Waldorf 100 – Becoming…

All the videos above are in English. You can see all of them here in other languages.


If you want to know more about the projects being developed during the year, you can visit the following links

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In this link you may check the five core projects of Waldorf 100:
Marathon around the World
Bees and Trees
Postcard exchange
Drama Project “Where is humankind?´´

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Here you can find out what other projects are being developed worldwide, including international teacher exchange and actions beyond the schools´ walls.

The festivities already started. Take a look at what happened in Berlin, Germany at the anniversary festival on September 19, 2019. There are three videos of three hours each with amazing performances, deep discussions and a lot of emotion. So prepare the popcorn and enjoy this incredible event.


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Did you lose the Festival? Don´t worry, you can watch it in the comfort of your leaving room. And prepare yourself for this fantastic and long presentation (nine hours in total). It is divided into three videos:

“See the World” in the morning
“Love the World” in the afternoon
“Change the World” in the evening

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Most parts of the speeches are in German with English synchronization in part of it. Even if you don´t understand what is being said, it is worth to check the elaborated and beautiful presentations that more than 140 schools prepared for this special date.

You can watch the three of them directly on the Waldorf 100 page, clicking on Livestream.

And what you and your school is doing to celebrate this special date? Please leave a comment telling us.

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Love and gratitude,

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